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Spread-your-wings, oh beautiful Jaybird!

Photo: © 2016 Richard A. Swaback


Spread-your-wings, oh beautiful Jaybird!

          Placing seed outside my window
       Bringing close to view
     Amazing birds!
   Winter at SMC.
  Nuthatches, Juncos, Mountain Chickadees
 Magpies, Woodpeckers, to name a few.
Arrive before daybreak
Stellar’s Jays.
merest reflection in my window glass
         with rounded wing,
             seeking shelter
                in  Ponderosa branches.
— Richard Swaback

About the Author
Naturalist, photographer, creative person, Richard “Dickie” Swaback, long time resident at Shambhala Mountain Center, is fascinated by the inhabitants of the natural world, large and small, whether it be microorganisms, plants, insects, mammals, birds or amphibians that reside at SMC. “Dickie’s” curiosity knows no bounds as he explores the dynamic interrelations of life at SMC . He recently published a 30-page booklet “Biodiversity at Shambhala Mountain Center”, a brief photo essay of some of the life forms at SMC,   Next up for 2017 is a comprehensive study of the life of the Riparian Zone along the stream that flows through the land at Shambhala Mountain Center. “The Headwaters of RIO RMDC and Life in the Riparian Zone: a photo essay and narrative.”  Future projects include Biodiversity of the Soil.


  1. Linda Durante says

    touching poem and amazing photograph Dickie. Your years living in a contemplative environment are showing. Hope to be able to see your other work sometime.
    With good wishes for a continued peaceful life at SMC.
    Linda Durante

  2. I too am aware of the falling biodiversity of our planet in areas where Anthropomorphism has full reign. I hope I am doing my part to help all living things survive regardless of our very human ways.

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