1. I feel so lucky to find this great article. It really as it is, the world are in Kaliyuga, and now most of our mind are in sickness. We need to take care of this, then learn to control our emotion itself with much compassion. Thank you so much. It help me to heal my mind and soul.

  2. I am stressed out because of what is happening to me in this year, nothing is right, thank you for your sweet words Geelong.
    I will try best to get out of all pain, confusion, and fear.

  3. Isabel Glz says

    It is soooo true in what I just read from you. Thanks….. we must continue our mental training accepting what comes to have a clear mind in order to respond more accurate and wisely in the future to come.
    It is said so simple, but gosh! how difficult it is!

    A constructive note: You may not notice due to habit, but the term “America” encompasses form Argentina all the way to Canada-Alaska. When any of us refer to Americans or America, as citizens of United States or United States it self, we denote in a very subtle and unconscious way a selfish view imbedded (again very subtle) in the culture/language.

  4. Thank you, Gelong.
    Your words are spot on. Clearly you can only write them because you live them. I join you in expressing our healing nature into the suffering of samsara. May all beings be free.

  5. Loraine Masterton says

    It was helpful to feel Acceptance, rather than grasping, as the Way. to also see thata Absolute Mind is the Sky within which all storms arise & play out.

    Ah so easy to understand, as it is so simple. SO challenging to embody, as I am so ignorant & in many ways, so lazy. I am grateful for your expression, Gelong Loden Nyima. It shows me my stuck places in another way, so I can regain my curiosity instead of my dread and hunkering down, HOPING it will all end soon.

    May All Beings everywhere know Liberation and be free from Suffering.

  6. Stacy Hennessy says

    I was just telling my colleague that I fee l suffocated. I feel suffocated by the evil in the world, but the denial of fundamental rights, and the overwhelming sense of powerlessness I feel right now.
    Thank you for this wisdom, for connecting me, again, with the cosmos, and for providing me a practice and a way through. I cannot tell if this breath is enough, but I can tell that I am not alone, and in this moment, that feels good to me. Thank you.

  7. Leila McClelland says

    Thank you for this most welcome wisdom at this time.

  8. This was one of the most compassionate articles I’ve read… maybe ever.
    The wisdom and empathy were palpable and I felt such a sense of calm and
    yet aware of the challenges that we are all facing – together.
    Thank you so much,

  9. Kerry Workman says

    Thank you for this tender teaching. I am finding myself questioning if remaining passive and (practicing to) maintain my open free mind is what is enough or whether I should be DOING something. And what that would look like as I am not searching for conflict. So many well intended people seem so angry right now.
    Perhaps part 2 will address this?

  10. Thjs us a good reading as well as fir contemplation.
    What can we help ?

  11. Jackie says

    Thank you for today’s message. It offered me the shift in breathe and thinking to go beyond immediate fear and negativity. I send you my wishes for your safety and well being?

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