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Reclaiming a Healthy Mind: Meditation in Modern Life

by Loden Nyima // Many of us come to meditation to rejuvenate and recharge, to deepen and grow, or for relief from the stress, turmoil, and destabilization of modern life. While it’s not a panacea, our intuition is true that it can go a long way. It can also help inform and empower wise, kind, choices and actions that make positive change in our own lives and those of others. The good news is, our minds are naturally free, peaceful, open, strong, and brimming with insight and love trying to come out. The bad news is, we’re living interdependently with conditions in our world which may not be so encouraging to experiencing that. This is where meditation and especially even short retreats may help. We may be impacted by constant technological bombardment, toxic messaging, over-extended workplaces that rarely end at the office, a natural environment in crisis and that we spend less time in, economic and political woes, relational strains, global conflict and injustice, the pandemic, and more. These can leave us feeling exhausted, wounded, …

The Strength to Sit Still

Fitness buff, Experience Life Magazine writer, and first-time meditator Jen Sinkler joined us for a Simplicity Retreat this past fall. She decided to come to the retreat a after receiving results of a blood test with high levels of Cortisol ( an indicator for elevated stress levels). By coincidence her editor asked for volunteers to attend a beginning meditation workshop and report back on their experience. Below is an excerpt of her article. To read the full article, click here. “I signed up for a three-day “Simplicity Retreat” at the Shambhala Mountain Center (SMC) in Red Feather Lakes, Colo. — a beginning meditation course open to all levels. Though I intended to arrive early and settle in, once I landed in Denver I was lured by the promise of a kettlebell workout in a park and a tour of the rugby megaplex in nearby Glendale. I am inclined to shirk stillness, it seems, even when I claim to want it. The SMC (, which has been hosting retreats since 1971, sits on 600 gorgeous acres …

Interview with a Meditator: Learn to Meditate

  “People realize that they can make friends with themselves and that seems to be the main point” Greg Smith started meditating in 1976 and began teaching meditation practice in 1982. In this interview he addresses some of the questions that he regularly encounters with beginning meditators, about the purpose of meditation and the Learn to Meditate program, and his own reasons for beginning this powerful practice. Beginning meditators rarely begin this practice without misconceptions of what it is that they are doing. For so simple an activity, meditation is often made out to be something it is not. “They kinda want to make their minds go away, which is probably not such a helpful approach” says Greg, suggesting that it’s more about leaning to make friends with yourself.