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Alan Watts: How to Stop Time — a short film by Jason Lee Segal

The humor and poetic sense with which British philosopher Alan Watts delivered his lectures is perhaps as celebrated as the content of the material itself — which was groundbreaking in bringing Eastern philosophical thought and spirituality to the west in the 1950s and 60s. In more recent years, this enthusiasm for Watts’s spoken word has manifested as a trend of creative online videos — fusing imagery, music, and audio recordings of the bard himself. Shambhala Mountain Center’s own Jason Lee Segal has recently published a freaking awesome contribution to this sub-genre — using visuals captured on the Shambhala Mountain land (and a few shots from surrounding mountain vistas). This isn’t the first time Jason has honored the majestic beauty of the SMC land and culture through his gorgeous filmmaking. And each time he does, it makes us want to dance! We hope this short film moves you as much as it moves us. And, check out more of Jason’s work here:  About the Authors Jason Lee Segal is a writer/director currently residing in Los Angeles, CA. He …

Why Meditate? (VIDEO)

  Join us for Summer Dathun: A Month-long Meditation Retreat with Shastri Calryn Aston, June 8–July 8, 2018 — click here to learn more     About the Filmmaker Jason Lee Segal is a writer/director residing in Los Angeles, CA. He is a graduate of Chapman University and has directed over 50 shorts, music videos and documentaries. His work has screened at numerous festivals and has been honored at IVVY, NFTTY and was selected as a youth leader for MTV voices. When he’s not behind the camera, Jason is a smoothie maker, meditator and rhyme word creator. //