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The Power of Curiosity at Work

By Gayle Van Gils Do you ever wonder how it is possible to foster greater happiness in the workplace? If so, that’s a great sign! Curiosity opens us – it is a cousin to love and an antidote to fear. When we are fearful we close our minds to new possibilities and perspectives. Curiosity opens the door to new ways of being, experiencing and communicating. It is a harbinger of greater happiness. How can we cultivate more curiosity in our lives? We can re-awaken the “not-knowing” openness we had as children. Distortions, personal biases, cultural views, habits and fear all limit our ability to connect directly with what is happening and what is being communicated. Fortunately, the practice of mindfulness and the resulting awareness of limiting beliefs opens the door to a powerful antidote to these afflictions: curiosity! As Albert Einstein said of his accomplishments, “I have no particular talents, I am only passionately curious.” Curiosity starts with choosing to be present. This increase of awareness is an incremental process that you can notice even …