Life at SMC

Rusung on Retreat

The Rusung plays an essential part in creation of the container of Shambhala Mountain Center’s meditative environment. Recently, Shambhala Mountain Center’s Rusung Zane Edwards did a solitary retreat in one of our lovely, isolated cabins. While he was there, he made this film reflecting on the retreat experience and its importance for all of us.

Do you know someone who wants to see that beautiful time lapse of the sunrise over Shambhala’s Rocky Mountain range? Share it with anyone!

To celebrate the fact that We’re Back!, and as an offering to the Shambhala Mountain Center community, we will be releasing videos sharing the talents of our staff, and explaining new initiative that are being launched.

You can learn more about what we’re up to, how you can help support Shambhala Mountain Center and watch more videos from Shambhala Mountain Center by clicking here.


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