Is an Open Heart an Asset or a Liability? | Empowering the Heart of Healthcare

Carole Mckinley explains why having an open heart is an asset in the healthcare profession and all other professions.

Shambhala Mountain Center hosts Empowering the Heart of Healthcare: Embodied Presence with Acharya Melissa Moore, Dr. Aaron Snyder, Carole McKindley-Alvarez and Leslie Booker, June 23–30, 2017 — click here to learn more


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  1. Sharla Harrison says

    My studies taught me that I should “enter the phenomenal field of another,” so that I would be able to fully empathize with them. After years of entering that phenomenal field, I often feel scattered and disconnected. While I am at work, I am able to put on my “mask” and perform to the degree that even I am amazed at times. However, at the end of each day, I go home and walk into walls and sit and stare; I have no energy left over for me and my cup is depleted. I don’t know how to work any other way. So I sure do appreciate this kind of opportunity for we, the healers, to learn more particularly, what self care really means.

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