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Many Forms of Mindfulness: Indelible Presence Meditation Retreat

By Acharya Dale Asrael and Cynthia Moku

Touching the Moment:  Indelible Presence meditation retreat begins soon–May 15–19.  We practice mindfulness in many forms throughout the day:  sitting meditation, outdoor walking meditation in the heart of nature, hatha yoga, periods of silence, and contemplative brush practice.  The images below are from our outdoor brushwork, led by master teacher Cynthia Moku.


After several days of meditation and basic brush practice, we passed our brushes through thin films of water feeling the rhythm of our breathing.  ©cmoku/IP

Ichi River- Moku ©IP

Snow was coming, so paper was laid down before nightfall. The next day we did brush practice on the paper buried beneath this snow cover. ©cmoku/IP

Ichi Edge-Moku ©IP

Come rediscover the world with fresh perception with these two skilled teachers in their upcoming meditation retreat: Touching the Moment: Indelible Presence May 15–19. 

Acharya Dale Asrael and Cynthia Moku will also be teaching together May 23–27 for Taming the Wild Horse: Riding the Energy of Emotions. This retreat will present techniques to expose core belief structures that perpetuate emotional confusion, meditation practices that foster clarity and insight, daily Hatha Yoga classes and contemplative brush-and-ink sessions.