Life at SMC

Make Henry Happy

The Shambhala Mountain Center experience can be anything from uncovering space and stillness, to touching sadness and heartbreak, to feeling joy and elation. While the beauty of the environment and the guidance of the teachers and presenters are supportive and inspiring, there are also mundane elements that help create the magic.

Please enjoy this video to see one of the ways your support makes the Shambhala Mountain Center experience complete.

Your contribution will make the magic happen.

As with most non-profit organizations, we depend on the generosity of our friends. Please contribute to our year-end campaign to raise funds for Shambhala Mountain Center’s operations by clicking the link below.



    • Betsy says

      I love your videos and, well, the new approach to fundraising, altogether!
      Remember “ordinary magic” & “kitchen sink” level?
      My, I think you’ve got it!
      It’s both inspiring & everyday common sense.
      Makes me want to give.

  1. I LOVE the videos you are making! It is so important that we are reminded of all the little things that makes SMC function AND the people who make it happen! I am thrilled to know that my money means I will have toilet paper when I come to the Center! 🙂

  2. Ann Pendley says

    Henry was so helpful at the Courageous Women Fearless Living (women facing cancer) retreat, that I’ll do anything to make him happy. I’ll set up my monthly donation draw from my bank today. We all need TP.

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