Life at SMC

Learning into the Future

Written by Michael Gayner

Since becoming SMC’s Executive Director, I have learned a great deal about what it takes to make a place like SMC thrive and there is still so much in this coming year I look forward to exploring. I have a wonderful team of talented and experienced managers as well as a new operational structure that is helping our workloads stay sane.

In the next months, we will be sharing stories from SMC past, present and ways we are learning into the future.

In the video above, Acharya Dan Hessey shares how bravery and generosity are linked in supporting SMC. In addition to being a senior teacher and charismatic guy, Acharya Hessey was an SMC Director in years gone by.
I’m inviting you to invest in the change SMC effects in society as an organization and a retreat center, one person at a time.
As you know, SMC is a unique and precious place, full of natural beauty and limitless potential.

As the Executive Director, I delight in the sense of responsibility for maintaining and developing SMC as a jewel for generations to come, and want to invite all of you to share in this joy.