Journey to Dathün (Month-Long Meditation Retreat)

A film by Jason Lee Segal, which is an artistic depiction of the retreat experience, featuring footage of SMC land and facilities.



  1. The video is so beautifully done, so simple but enough to convey the depth of love and peace that pervades being at Shambhala. I am all the way away in England and am a practicing Buddhist here but hope, one day to join you all here, up in the mountains where quietness may speak to the heart.
    Thank you for all the wonders you do for the world and all that is beyond

  2. George C says

    Meditation, meditation, meditation…did I say meditation? In this respect I have some -out-of the-ordinary-questions that I hope someone with extensive experience in meditation can answer. According to many of the stories I read in William James book, “The varieties of religious experience” why is it that the individuals James was studying had profound spiritual experiences without the aid of meditation and in some cases not even a book on spirituality to guide them? My next question is: Ken Wilber points out that all the meditation in the world can never address our shadow. In fact, many meditation practitioners use meditation to AVOID dealing with their shadow, also known as spiritual bypassing. Wilber, and many Integral psychotherapist point out that the only way to address our shadow is with 3,2,1 shadow work. Perhaps there are other treatments that work better than 3,2,1 shadow work. At any rate, it’s safe to say that shadow work is just as important as meditation- if not more. And so, my next question arises: why are there so many kinds of meditation retreats and none that deal with our shadow and in a very direct way? I may be the only one saying this but I have grave misgivings spending 100’s of dollars at a spiritual retreat only to find myself sitting in meditation -a practice I can do quite easily at home and it cost me nothing. If I were to spend any money on my spiritual development, I’d rather do it with a psychotherapist who specializes in shadow work since it can’t be done by oneself as you would meditating. So, is there such a thing as shadow work retreats? If not, why not? I believe they are long overdue. I’d appreciate any replies. Thanks..

  3. Ronnie says

    Great Job-made me feel as if I were there—–EMAHO

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