1. Anonymous says

    Systemic racism? Seriously? What a bunch of nonsense. Racism does not exist. What you mistake for racism is discrimination and prejudice at the worst…and something that can be found in all cultures, unfortunately. (Check out Jesse Lee Peterson). Why is it that meditation people are so naive and easily manipulated with white guilt? Its actually depressing at how gullible mediation folks are in regards to race relations.

  2. Jacqueline L Larner says

    Did not grow up in a racial charged atmosphere and when I first saw German Shepards biting the buttocks of nicely dressed young Black men, whose leashes were held by policemen when I was about 14, I was confused and asked for explanation. My Dad explained that in our country, not all people were treated equally or fairly. While he felt the races should not mix, coming from his Midwest background, he did feel all people deserved to be honored as people and therefore that is why he forbid us to sing the song, “Ee nee me nee my nee mo,…” That launched me into the world of injustice in our country and I have never been less than active in fighting first the LGBTQ issues and now Criminal Justice Issues out of Denver, CO. I have been on a Criminal Justice Committee since the South Carolina AME Church shootings when I was outraged that killing in the streets was not right but killing in a community’s safe place was simply an outrage! I imagined myself quietly meditating at my Shambhala Center and someone coming in and shooting us all dead. I couldn’t square that appalling image in my mind and therefore have devoted hours to helping my committee members enlighten others in my white community about what has been at stake since the 1970s. Watch Netflix new original documentary, “13th.” If you believe you are not a racist, this film should shock you and then outrage you about how you have indeed participated in seeing Slavery continuing on in this country quietly and systematically. If you are eating potatoes, receiving FedEx packages, buying Victoria Secret underwear, flying Boeing aircraft and on and on, you are supporting the enslavement of our men and women of color’s enslavement. We must write to these corporations and say, STOP, loud and clear, loud and clear. We will stop buying your products and services and publicly try to humiliate you. Treat all with justice or in this country, none are safe.

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