1. Jampa says

    This resonates with my personal experience of chronic illness, healing, and growth.

  2. Thank you for articulating in such a heartfelt fashion the practice that is our responsibility to carry-on

  3. Sandra Granger says

    In all honesty, I’m struggling a lot recently. And trying to make sense of my own emotions and reactions. To be honest, Matthew Remski’s writings have made sense – how nowadays, one’s journey, emotions and authenticity are another commodity.

    I’m saying this because the writing is all abstract, and… Not risky I suppose. Generic phrases about healing, pain, and even your example of white bodies – I really don’t get a sense of your own particulars in your journey. I’m in place of realizing I’ve read things like this for decades and they’ve been more like a placebo than something that truly helps.

  4. There’s a saying…..There’s only one thing the Buddha cannot change: your karma. What I now from my own experience is there is only one thing that can do that…….your own compassion.

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