1. Kenneth Bray says

    I find myself thinking about your insightful excerpt from time to time and have just revisited it to re-absorb it’s wise message.. I look forward to your new book.
    Thank you,

  2. Mary Adkins says

    Powerful and EXACTLY what I needed to read today…. Thank You ! ????????✌????

  3. Hi Kevin,

    Thank you so much for your comments, especially the ones about being overwhelmed by the pain of others. I have increasingly been faced with this challenge from the world in general, and more recently my grown daughter’s ongoing chronic pelvic pain of five years. Working for Hospice for ten years with a Masters in Social Work, she is a tender soul who feels everything deeply She has also had a couple of injuries that contributed to her pain. I am preparing to take her to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. I am well aware of the fact that a mother cannot escape feeling the pain of her spiritual and physical children. While my meditation helps tremendously, there are times I am not sure if I can bear the compassion I feel for her with her ongoing pain and consequent loss of any quality of life. I struggle to stay above board as I feel a deep sense of guilt when I am able to enjoy life and she is suffering.

    I am a child psychologist and have authored a published book called, Encouraging Your Child’s Spiritual Intelligence. The spiritual children on the second branch in my book are the most at risk for having deep compassion that can lead to their own demise, if they do not have resources that help them live in this tumultuous world. Boys and girls on every branch of my book are sensitized beings who care deeply for others. You definitely sound like one of these. Today you have reminded me that I am not alone in my compassionate journey and by so doing you have moved me in the direction of self-care while continuing to care deeply for others.

    Will you be speaking to any groups this year, especially in the Northern Colorado area?
    I would enjoy meeting you.

    Mollie Painton

  4. Here is a newly launched project that you may find uplifting. It highlights one-on-one Mexican and US friendships, tells their stories and includes a colorful mural with friends depicted side by side. Check it out at the link I’ve included here. The first mural is completed and the project will, hopefully, spread throughout both countries.

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