1. Steven Tetterington says

    I think that’s Absolutely Accurate and a Good Way to Remember Hopefulness!

  2. Chris Vuille says

    Good and timely article. I note that the news agencies survive and thrive by getting our attention. Negativity gets our attention most easily, so that’s what they lead us to believe is everywhere. They rarely publish the enormous amount of feel-good news, such as acts of kindness that change lives or everyday goodness of the myriad of people around us, even those whom we may think have “wrong view”. They don’t discuss how absorbing a conversationalist a man with advancing Alzheimer’s can be, in an auto shop while you are both waiting for your cars. I recall listening, and not understanding a word he’s saying, but I could see he was so happy he had my rapt attention! We shared that diminishing happiness. It was sad, poignant, and wonderful. As Lodro suggests, these are our ponds and our ripples, and it’s here where we truly make the most difference in our lives and the lives of others. A million ponds make a sea, and a thousand seas make an ocean.

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