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5 Keys to Health, Happiness, Self-Worth & Peace

By Blake D. Bauer I never learned how to love myself. And then I did a lot of things in my life that I didn’t like or love about myself, and I ended up doing a lot of damage. I would really love to help you understand how to stop hurting yourself and how to stop letting yourself get hurt. Figuring out how to love yourself practically today and every day is the key. From the moment we wake up in the morning we are either hurting ourselves with our habits or healing ourselves with our habits. I’ve broken down self-love into five specific key steps which are habits that we need to practice on a daily basis to be truly healthy and happy and shape the life we want. Key 1 for Loving Yourself Every Day—Express yourself honestly and kindly A lot of us are living in a way where we internalize much of what we feel, need and want. Because we never really learned how to understand what we’re actually feeling, what we …

Dathun: Before and After Photos

  Inspired by a piece from a few years back in the Shambhala Times, our fabulous marketing associate, Kaleigh Isaacs, and our equally fabulous development associate, Chris Seelie, put together this series of Before and After shots from participants in the winter Dathun. Really driving home the truth that “nothing is new” the photo collage below is our tribute to the truth of the theme of this past Dathun, that Feeling and Touching and Being (i.e. Shambhala Meditation) — taking time to sit with our hearts and minds for a month is better than a facial and a lot like falling in love. Scientifically rigorous, this is not; but regard the eyes. BEFORE AFTER     And lastly we have Tom the Dathün Coordinator, who would certainly call his experience transformative! We had a lot of fun putting these together and seeing people’s responses. Let us know what you think below in the comments! To learn more about Dathun click here.