The Science of Meditation | How Mindfulness Improves Everything


In this video, Culadasa (John Yates, PhD.) explains how mindfulness improves everything.  In July, he’ll be leading the Science of Meditation retreat at Shambhala Mountain Center.

Shambhala Mountain Center hosts The Science of Meditation: Buddhist Wisdom Meets Modern Brain Science with Culadasa, July 5–9, 2017 — click here to learn more

About the Author

Culadasa (John Yates, Ph.D.) is the director of Dharma Treasure Buddhist Sangha in Tucson, Arizona and author of The Mind Illuminated: A Complete Meditation Guide Using Buddhist Wisdom and Brain Science. A meditation master with over four decades of experience in the Tibetan and Theravadin Buddhist traditions, Culadasa also taught physiology and neuroscience for many years. He combines the original teachings of the Buddha with an emerging, scientific understanding of the mind to give students a rich and rare opportunity for rapid progress and profound insight.

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  1. Less reactive…..very instructive to my few moments of good awareness choices….makes me smile and hopeful.

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