1. PamTurner says

    The League of Women Voters has a website with voter information for any location in the US. It is also in Spanish. See vote411.org
    Very accurate and helpful.

  2. Pat Horner says

    talk about koolaid!!!!
    what BS from boulder!…the crooks are in the white house, and they and their supporters all have their heads in the sand…wake up, read the legit newspapers, watch MSNBC, CNN and stay away from Fake Fox…our lives depend on the upcoming change in 2021.

  3. Judy says

    WTF, we are currently under the best president since Ronald Reagan. What koolaid have you monks been drinking.
    I work the elections in Boulder and watched the unfairness in signature verification. Until you people lay down your beads and work there than perhaps you can judge.
    I am so done with shambhala.

    • Tamara Birch says

      From my experience and from knowledge of County Recorders Office ,AZ Election Director, and Secretary of State there has been an is currently a system of verifiable signatures verification in place. Perhaps you may work at Poll or Vote Center and are referring to provisional ballots and signatures. All staff in Recorders office have extensive training in signature analysis. There is less than 1% if even 1/100 % of voter fraud.Mail in Ballots all have signatures readily available and are checked for verification. 80% of voters have been voting by mail for years. I did so for the first time because of Covid. I am a political Observer and have taken place in over the last ten years. I report irregularaties If present. Drinking mood- aid ,put downs,really? What news or entertainment channel do you receive you disinformation from? We all have our preference for candidates. My question who does more harm and has become wealthier since elected. We are currently living in a Country with a Democratic Republic, but our voting rights are being destroyed. It should be a right and privilege for all living, and to honor the efforts,giving their lives to uphold equal rights for all☮️⚖️???????

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