1. Sharon Cushing says

    A deep breath of fresh air into my being. Thank you. I love your straightforward way of speaking

  2. Chandi says

    I very much like what Dr. Pannavati is doing. I live in India and would like to know the names of and where these villages are located. I will watch the video, next. Speaking of a more expanded and cosmic un personal level of our precious human birth, goes along with my own experiences-experience. This very much touches my own heart.

    • Anne says

      I turned on the closed caption button & at least it can be read

  3. Gill says

    Dearest Dr. Pannavati, your words are so true if only we could break down the barriers of identity with self and see the bigger picture. Open up a more creative way of thinking and understanding which goes beyond what we find safe, what we are conditioned too.

  4. Anonymous says

    I wish I could hear this but the audio is not coming through at all.

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