A Lot of New!

Welcome to the new Shambhala Mountain Center blog. We have a lot of “New” happening at SMC right now and wanted to share it with you. Following are some current ways for us all to stay connected.

We are really excited about our new Blog. It’s a way for us to give you a peek at the inside story at SMC as well as include you in the journey of learning what it means to be engaged in making enlightened society possible. So tune in often for delicious recipes, photos, profiles of the wonderful presenters who are joining us, and more!

New Website

Shambhala Mountain New WebsiteThis new Blog is possible because of our new website, launched today. Many thanks to Blue Mandala, Sweet Design, and the many people who have been part of this effort. With the old website, when we wanted to make a change on the homepage, we had to go through a (very nice) guy in Canada. Now, we could change the homepage ourselves everyday if we wanted to. (We don’t.) All this to say that when you are on our website, you can be sure it is the latest, greatest most up-to-date information about SMC out there.

New Catalog, Getaways, Discounts and more!

And before we close the book on what’s New, our most recent catalog for our winter and spring programming is on the way to your local Shambhala Center or to your home (if you are on our mailing list.) Speaking of new, it is full of new things designed to make it easier you to get to the land more often. We have expanded our generosity policy to include all of our programs, and are also offering 25% off our lodging prices in a new “Getaway” option. And beginning in March, we will be hosting an Open House on the first Sunday of every month. The catalog has a 15% discount coupon for all of our Winter-Spring programs, so be sure to pick one up.

Of course, nothing is really new. SMC had a blog in the past and has one again. Everything is connected and interdependent. That is why we are so excited and why we need you to make this new picture complete.

This blog is meant for you. Please help us to build a strong community by commenting below and letting us know what you think and what kinds of things you’d like to see. We look forward to hearing from you and seeing you soon.



  1. cs ahrens says

    Thanks for the new blog. It’s so interesting to read the updates, the news, and the specialties from the Red Feather Lakes area. Good-luck. Happy 2012 Holidays.
    csahrens Johnstown CO USA

  2. Bill Dickson says

    Congrats on the new blog.

    Here’s a suggestion: post teachings, questions, relevant material, etc. on the blog that relate to current things going on at SMC. For example, David Loy, one of my heroes, appears to be coming soon. The blog would be a great place to generate some interest, buzz, excitement, and discussion around social justice and Buddhism.

    On a more techy note, I examined the source code for this page, and it looks like you’re using WordPress for the blog. It’s just as easy to set up a phpBB discussion forum, or even an entire community site with Oxbow or any number of excellent, free, open source platforms. Buddhist Peace Fellowship has an outstanding community web presence.

    • Lisa Johnston says

      Thanks for the suggestions Bill, on content and platforms for creating online community. We have our hands full with the web launch, new Blog etc, but that is the bigger goal and we look forward to looking into all the options out there.

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